Terms & Conditions:

Strings of Life Photography Contract:

Just as natural disasters are unpredictable, the same applies to our hard drives, servers which, as electrical components, can fail at any time. Therefore, we request that you copy all raw data by providing 90% of the payment after the shoot, allowing us to transfer the remaining data to your hard drive for safety purposes 😊
The term “contract” means a valid agreement between BG Arts’ representative(s)(Ex:communicator/videographer/photographer/animator) and the clients. Note: Client(s) are inclusive of client-side communicators, employees, or relatives. The contract will be confirmed once the client authorizes (legally) his/her or representative’s position to enter into the legal agreement. The authorization includes valid ID proofs as well as proof of professional relationships with the client. Images/Videos or other creative developments on the behalf of clients are considered the “visual representations” when captured/delivered/stored in any of the below formats. [Formats: Digital, Analog, optical, magnetic, electronic, or any other]

Deposit & Payment Model:

A complete valid contract means the client is liable to pay 20% (non-refundable) of the total payment in advance at the time of service booking. The client will provide 30% (non-refundable) of the total payment once we release the teaser and traditional videos of the ceremony. The final shooting date will be confirmed if and only if 50% (non-refundable) of the total payment is confirmed to be provided on the day after the ceremony day (Ex: wedding day is 26th June means we get 50% of the total money by 27th June EoD).

Cancellation Policy:

Instead of returning we prefer adjusting the client’s money even in the case of advanced booking. If a pandemic/natural calamity/disease or other reasons cancel or delay the process, then we will adjust the amount for the client’s future functions or ceremonies (Ex: if 20% is already paid and the contract cancels due to the above mentioned reasons then for the future ceremony the client has to pay 80% only per corresponding market price).


In terms of all photographic materials (negatives, blueprints, photos, videos, sliders, photoshops, and animations) clients should understand the term “exclusiveness”. That means all photographic materials can be demanded as photo/videographers’ exclusive visual materials. As the owner of the visual copyright, the photographer or the videographer can use those materials for self-promotion or advertising events(ex: contests, exhibitions). However, the client’s informed consent is required if the usage crosses the limits of this agreement. Reproduction of visual materials without settlement can cause the reproducers to face charges under the Copyright Act of 1957. The photo/videographers as well as Strings of Life Photography are capable of pressing such charges.

Offline Client’s Usage:

he prints and videos are provided for personal use only and the client has no right to reproduce or use the same for commercial purposes. The settlement clause for reproduction must be determined as “special requirements” with the approval of the creators (photographer/videographer/animator). For the “special requirements”, the client must collect the copyright and credit notice from us and highlight the same properly on the publication. However, we will not be responsible if the publication is refused or skipped by the relevant authority.

Social Media Client’s Usage:

The same offline clause remains in the case of social media usage including uploads and reproductions. Social media includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as blogging. The client will be responsible for the reproduction or alteration (cropping, coloring, editing) of the visual materials even if done by family members or friends. Posting or uploading on social media business accounts will be considered a violation of the clause.

Client’s Liability:

The client is responsible to provide us with the correct address and time. Any changes or updates to such things should be done with adequate time (at least 2-3 days prior) in hand. The clause remains the same for the picture or design selection. The client is highly recommended to select and send photos/designs in the drive instead of providing picture/design numbers as we do not prefer filters. In the case of late updates, the clients cannot complain of late delivery. Early photo selection makes the designing and production easier for us. We will keep the client’s data for a maximum of three months. But we highly recommend that a client should copy and keep all their required data (including HD formats) within two months. We will not be responsible for any data loss after three months. During the photo session or consultation period, we will not be responsible for any accidents or damages to the venue as well as nearby public or private properties. We will also not be held responsible for the client’s family members particularly, children and specially-abled people.

Music for Videos:

All clients are requested to select their preferred background music/tunes for the videos and send them well before we start working on them. As we have clients from different parts of the country with diverse ethnic backgrounds, therefore, choices (Bollywood/Hollywood/instrumental/regional) vary widely. Previous confirmation of songs/tunes (type/style/specific album) can help us interact better with a low number of time-consuming edits or corrections.


Failure of the photographer’s performance due to casualty or other uncontrollable reasons will only make the photographer liable for the agreement. The damaged visual material in processing, camera malfunctions, or data loss in the mail also goes under this liability clause. However, the photographer will not be responsible for any other reasons or events.


We respect clients’ privacy. We collect only relevant information and use them for processing including third-party processors. Personal information includes name, email address, physical address, IDs, contact number, and demographics (age/sex). The client’s informed consent will be shown in the contract. Financial and social networking data include card or financial transfer details, WhatsApp number, profile URL, etc. We store the data for business purposes and use the same to deliver our products and services, communicate and process payments, send newsletters, request feedback as well as analyze consumer preferences and market trends. Certain disclosures are negotiable and will be mentioned in the contract.


Physical or oral abuses of the artists or anyone associated with Strings of Life Photography in the venue or other places can make us stop working without any prior notice as well as delete client data. It is a client’s responsibility to behave properly and help us maintain the professional relationship. Improper behavior can force us to take legal action.

Product Quality:

Strings of Life Photography is highly committed to deliver high-quality visual materials. We ensure industry-standard data format for image encoding and a resolution/reproduction technology that the photographer/videographer finds suitable according to the climate and location. Calibration variance, software platforms, and different versions of the operating systems can vary the digital display. So, we will confirm mathematical neutrality as well as tonality adjustments. The client should consider inks, dyes, and toners in the case of fading or discoloration (print materials) over time.
Our team will not allow any other expert or novice photographers or teams when we are working at the venue and violation of this clause can make us stop working.
The Photographers/Videographers and Corresponding Team Members will be allowed to take required breaks (5-10 minutes).


The delivery time and deliverables will be confirmed in the contract. The clients are requested to be precise about deliverables. Apart from standard image edits, extra edits or adjustments will cost extra and the team will be responsible to determine the extra amount. The team will not take any responsibility for hairstyling or makeup unless the contract has such mentions.
In the case of big-budget ceremonies including destination weddings, the budget is negotiable. We are capable of providing services all over India. However, all the communications should be done by mail and/or phone in English/Hindi.