Wedding Planning Service


String of Life Photography aims to capture those beautiful moments wherein people in various moods are shown enjoying the marriage ceremony. We have a team of the best destination wedding photographers in Delhi who have the skillset and eye for detail to capture the moment’s spontaneity easily. As a top destination wedding photographer in Delhi, we believe in capturing the story behind the scenes that would touch the heart of those who look at the photos that we have taken. As we know that this special day plays a defining moment in an individual’s life, we take a lot of care while taking the photos to ensure to capture the very soul of the ceremony.

A wedding ceremony brings to the fore a range of truly heartwarming emotions. Our team of photographers with a huge amount of experience behind them have the artistic sense of what moment to capture and the technical skills required to do it in such a way that it will put a smile on your face. We are fully aware of the significance of this day in the life of the groom or the bride and their close family members. Therefore, only our best photographers are assigned to take incredible photos that you would love and cherish your whole life.